When a church or structure used for religious worship is offered for sale or needs to have its current condition assessed prior to seeking financing for a capital improvement project, a thorough professional inspection of the premises is required. That is when building owners and religious leaders contact NBI Michigan for detailed and documented church building inspections.

To begin, there are many attributes that set NBI apart. Each NBI inspector is trained in every facet of the property inspection industry. Our church inspections are tailored to fit the needs of our individual clients. Churches and Houses of Worship can be especially demanding properties to assess based on the structure’s size, its age and even the materials used in its construction. However, our trained professionals have the knowledge and expertise to perform comprehensive church inspections that provide the most accurate information possible relative to the condition of the property.

Thorough Church Building Inspections from NBI

Our professional inspectors carefully assess any site damage and deficiencies to provide our client with a cost estimate of repairs. Our church building inspections include a report that states projected costs for potential future issues, such as the age of the boiler, the plumbing and electrical systems, as well as the age and state of the roof, windows, doors, basement, foundation, and overall structure.

Many commercial buildings are purchased with the intention of converting its use. One of NBI’s recent clients signed a purchase agreement for a church with the intention of converting it into a retail property. Built in the early 1900’s, this church was rundown and abandoned. Our client’s intentions were to rehab this space into a ballet and dance studio. With our inclusive Due Diligence Report and CAD drawings, our client was able to assess the cost of the deficiencies and negotiate a better purchase price.

NBI Michigan is your one-stop resource for site inspection expertise that capably extends to cover any commercial real estate property across the midwest. For a complete inspection of your commercial building(s), call NBI Michigan at (866) 665-6022, today!

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