What does it take to join NBI’s team of Michigan Commercial Real Estate Inspectors?  

To become part of our Nationwide organization that has provided over 20,000 inspections over the last 17 years, the Michigan state requirements are just the beginning. Every NBI Inspector will have served an apprenticeship, followed by a state certification exam. From that point, years of experience, coupled with continuing education allow our team to stay abreast of the latest construction methods and materials, as well as updates in inspection methodology. The Inspectors at NBI are committed to performing the most thorough commercial building inspections possible to meeting our clients’ discriminating requirements.

Qualifications and Experience to Fulfill Every Requirement

Our team can provide asset evaluations, pre-purchase or pre-lease reports, as well as to identify specific building conditions as well as propose steps for remediation. Whatever the property, or the request, the NBI team of qualified Michigan Commercial Real Estate Inspectors, can completely fulfill it. That is because every NBI inspector has an extensive background in many fields relating to commercial building inspections. NBI members have a builders license as well as knowledge of electrical specifications for CMi, SAE, NFPA, and the International Standards for Electrical, Additionally NBI Inspectors have written electrical specification for the automotive industry including NEC and SAE codes.

Furthermore, as an organization, NBI is certified by the National Environmental Health Association in Radon remediation as well as having extensive training and a license in Pest Control Services. These are some of the many ways that NBI inspectors have received the training, and have acquired the knowledge and insight to perform the most extensive commercial inspections available! There’s more! NBI Michigan has two structural engineers on staff, and with these credentials, can perform a full range of structural evaluations as needed. When time and accuracy count, call on our team of qualified Michigan Commercial Real Estate Inspectors to perform your building inspection. Call us today at (866) 665-6022. If you prefer, please complete and submit our form.