Due diligence assessments are routinely performed by a commercial property inspector hired by the prospective buyer or business owner(s) considering the purchase of a commercial property. An agreement will have a due diligence clause that refers to a period of time between placing a down payment on a property, and committing to the contract to buy it. During that specified period the property is thoroughly inspected to determine any undisclosed issues before the purchase is canceled or proceeds. When Time, Performance and Accuracy Count

Across Michigan, property owners from Grand Rapids, to Dearborn have relied on NBI to perform due diligence inspections of commercial properties under consideration. When it is imperative to know any possible contingency at a property, astute buyers contact National Business Inspections regarding Michigan Due Diligence Real Estate Inspections. Our experienced, licensed, professional building inspectors will review any commercial premises to not only accurately gauge its structural integrity, but also discovered and point out any potential physical problems with the property. NBI is also licensed in the detection of Radon, and can quickly assess if Radon is present, its levels, and recommended steps for its remediation.

What makes a Michigan Due Diligence real estate inspection solution from NBI superior? Every NBI inspector has received the training, and have acquired the knowledge, insight, and experience to perform the most extensive commercial inspections in Michigan. Additionally, NBI Michigan has two structural engineers on staff, to perform a full range of structural evaluations if required. When time and accuracy count, call on our team of qualified commercial real estate inspectors to perform your Michigan Due Diligence real estate inspection. Additional areas we service include Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Flint, as well as several other states. Please contact our team for details. Speak with us today at (866) 665-6022.