Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) in Michigan are known as ‘due diligence projects’ and are carried out by both the property owner and prospective buyer prior to signing a sales contract.Commercial property and building inspections (also known as Property Condition Assessments or PCA’s) are important for clients seeking to know the condition of a property or real estate they may be purchasing, leasing, financing or simply maintaining.

NBI’s Professional Inspectors follow industry accepted guidelines of ASTM E2018, the standard recognized by major lenders. Such commercial inspection standards benefit both the commercial building inspector and the client to understand the scope agreed to for the inspection. These standards include how to assess the location, its systems, and any other property areas to be inspected. Therefore it serves as a guide to develop said scopes and procedures. Additionally, Michigan Property Condition Assessments may be performed as part of a property transfer and dovetail an Environmental Site Assessment as well.

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Once the inspection or PCA is completed, a written report (also known as the Property Condition Report or PCR) is compiled and delivered to the client within a stated time frame. The PCR may include such items as concerns observed, recommendations for repairs or further inspections, cost projections for future capital projects, and possibly compliance surveys.

Experienced commercial building owners, net lease occupants, commercial property investors and lenders all know the importance and benefit in hiring a qualified team to perform a Property Condition Assessment. Michigan Property Condition Assessments are NBI’s core business. Our Inspectors have received professional training, and have acquired the knowledge, insight, and experience to perform the most extensive commercial inspections in Michigan. Additionally, NBI Michigan has two structural engineers on staff, to perform a full range of structural evaluations if required. You can call our team of qualified commercial real estate inspectors to perform any PCA with confidence. Call for an appointment at (866) 665-6022 today. If you prefer, please complete and submit our form.