When considering the sale or purchase of a multi-family dwelling, it is not only important to understand the full value of one’s assets, but also to become aware of any pending issues. We live in an age of liability, and prospective property owners need to be appraised well in advance of future conditions that may require remediation at the property under consideration. It is not enough to locate a firm that provides accurate apartment inspections in Michigan for rental properties, but also one that can assist with cost projections for the near and long term.

Those seeking to hire a firm experienced in providing thorough apartment building inspections in Michigan can be confident when they select NBI. Over the past two decades we have provided over 20,000 property inspections at industrial and commercial properties, churches, schools, athletic facilities, condominiums, and apartment complexes. Our field inspectors are certified, we have two structural and electrical engineers on staff, we also have a builder’s license. In addition, we are fully-versed in the ordinances respective to Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Flint, among many cities and municipalities. Also, NBI has also obtained certification in Radon remediation and pest control services.

Michigan Apartment Building Inspections You Can Trust

Apartment inspections in Michigan should not only be compliant with the state’s codes and ordinances, but also allow buyers to anticipate capital expenses over the next few years. NBI’s clients receive an extensive report that not only addresses the structure’s current state, but also potential areas that could develop into serious issues in future. This way both buyers and sellers receive a highly accurate assessment of a property and can come to terms equitably.

NBI Michigan offers scalable, comprehensive, and thorough apartment building inspections in Michigan and throughout the Midwest. We’re your one-stop resource for site inspection expertise that capably extends to cover any commercial real estate property across the midwest. For a complete inspection of your restaurant, retail and office space, warehouse or industrial property, school, church, apartment or condominium complex, call NBI Michigan at (866) 665-6022, today!

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