When seeking an accurate appraisal of the condition of a building under consideration, potential buyers not only want an evaluation of its current state, but also what future issues should be considered. That is where NBI Michigan excels. Since 2000, NBI has performed over 20,000 professional building inspections on a wide range of industrial and commercial properties as well as for schools, churches, apartment buildings, condominium communities, and sport complexes. Our inspectors have a comprehensive background in fields relative to commercial inspections. NBI members hold a builder’s license and have also written electrical specifications for the automotive industry which included NEC and SAE codes. These published specifications have become the industry standards and appear in many catalogs.

Professional Building Inspections You Can Trust

NBI Michigan is additionally certified by the National Environmental Health Association in Radon Remediation. In addition to providing professional inspections, we also have extensive training and are licensed in Pest Control Services. Other organizations we belong to are Certified Master Inspectors (CMI), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and NFPA the standard for the inspection, testing and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems, as well as the International Standards for Electrical. All of our field work is carried out by qualified inspectors. Additionally, we have two structural engineers on staff that can provide a full range of structural evaluations upon request.

To summarize, when seeking a professional building inspections firm, only NBI Michigan offers scalable, comprehensive, and thorough inspections and reporting. We’re your one-stop resource  for site inspection expertise across the Midwest. For complete and professional inspections of commercial properties , call NBI Michigan at (866) 665-6022, today!