Bank Draw/Phase Inspections in MI, IN, and OH

During a busy construction season, banks are using companies such as NBI to inspect while the construction process is performed. During each stage of the construction process, the bank releases a draw to the company for funds to complete the project. As an objective third party, NBI has been performing draw/phase inspections for years and we have worked with the bank’s best interest in releasing funds.

Impartial Bank Draw/Phase Inspections Benefit All Parties

New construction phase inspections will help you monitor the construction of a new building project by hiring us to inspect the sub-contractor’s quality of work at regular intervals throughout the construction process. From the critical stages of any build, up to the final walk-through, NBI’s professional inspectors can protect the bank’s and the building owners’ best interests by ensuring that every phase of the project is being carried out correctly, safely, is up to code, and meets all regulatory requirements.

There are many components to every construction project, with many tradespeople and subcontractors hired to provide a specific application. Given the scope of many building projects, it is possible, for even the most seasoned general contractor, to be fully aware of the quality of the work being performed. To make certain that every phase of the construction follows both code and meets regulation mandates, it is important to have a non-biased inspection of the work to date. This way, issues can be targeted for remediation, and possible litigation can be avoided. Whether you are the general contractor or you are hiring a builder, bank draw/phase inspections are a must for you.